Alternative Investments and Wealth Management

Tailored financial services, for enhanced investment strategies and money management.

Fixed Income

  • Short-term investments, 12-24 months
  • Fixed returns, 8-15%*
  • Appointed Security Trustees
  • Asset-Backed Securities

Wealth Management

  • Portfolio Management
  • Tax efficient investments
  • Whole of market advise

Alternative Banking

  • Named, multi-currency account (IBAN)
  • Supports 30+ currencies, in 180 countries
  • Funds secured and held with fully regulated institutions
  • Highly competitive exchange rates, zero payment fees
  • 24/7 access via online platform

Loved by clients worldwide.

    • Lewis has been a great understanding supporter through the process of getting my disparate pension portfolio under control and getting better yields. Really trying to understand my needs and not just pushing his products.

    • Fibre provided me with an exceptional service for managing multiple currencies, which is cost-effective and efficient. As I work overseas, the guidance they provided me was both knowledgeable and trusted, which helped me effectively manage my financial affairs. The investment solutions offered were a far better alternative to my bank and I would highly recommend.

      Keith, Saudi Arabia
    • Lewis has been a pleasure to work with and has consistently been able to provide our international clients guidance with tax, investments and pensions when relocating overseas.

    • I am extremely satisfied with the services of Fibre. The exchange rates SFR - AED for example are above the average. I very much appreciate the support and the availability of Will Stephenson.

    • Lewis has been my financial advisor since October 2022. We've interacted regularly during this period. He's been amazing in helping me set up a savings plan along with other financial services that are frequently required by expats. Lewis is very knowledgeable, a great communicator, and highly professional. He is flexible in terms of timing of meetings and communicates via various platforms, as requested by the client. Based on my experience with Lewis over the past few months, I can attest that his advice is genuine and purely in the client's interest. I can highly recommend his services for those in the expat community.

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Frequently asked questions

    • How is Fibre Capital Regulated?

      Fibre Capital does not provide advice and provides an introduction-only service to our regulated investment providers. On this basis, we are not regulated directly, but all investments are managed by regulated entities.

    • What investments do we offer?

      We look beyond public markets and traditional investments, typically offered by mainstream banks. This covers fixed-income securities and private equity opportunities.

    • What kind of returns can investors expect?

      Our fixed income opportunities provide typical returns of 8-15%, which vary depending on factors such as provider, term and sector. For more information (fixed income link)

    • Why are the returns so high?

      Returns on alternative investments can be higher due to their potential for uncorrelated performance with traditional markets, unique risk factors, and opportunities and their illiquid nature.

    • How do I get started with Fibre Capital?

      To get started, we have to complete our onboarding processes which is standard for any financial services business. This includes required KYC and an assessment to establish risk profile and identify suitable products. Once complete, we can progress with planning and future investments.

    • How long is money fixed for?

      We focus on short-term investments between 12 - 24 months.

    • What is the risk level associated with alternative investments?

      All investments involve inherent risks and susceptibility to adverse economic or market conditions. The extent of risk varies for each investment type, and qualified advice should always be obtained before investing.

    • Are alternative investments suitable for all investors?

      Our services are designed for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), self-certified investors and investment professionals with due professional experience and expertise. See our ‘eligibility’ page for more information.

    • Are there any fees associated with investing in alternative products?

      Fees vary from investment type, but these are explained and made clear before any investment is placed.

    • How is information communicated to investors?

      Communication is fundamental, and all information and queries will be managed via a client’s personal account manager.

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