Fixed Income

In 2022, the global fixed-income market exceeded $122.6 trillion and over the last decade, it has consistently represented a significant proportion of pension fund assets, playing a pivotal role in steady asset growth for millions in their retirement journey.

We recognise increasing demand from our clients to diversify their portfolios and consider investment opportunities outside of traditional banks, to generate additional, steady income streams, from their cash.

Our portfolio of fixed-income securities focuses on short-term opportunities in specific markets, which yield generous returns. The providers of each bond maintain an unblemished track record of paying investors back in full, and on time, whilst extensive due diligence is carried out before onboarding. Further information can be provided on each provider and association bond upon request.


  • Higher returns compared to traditional investments
  • Diversification of a portfolio can reduce overall risk
  • Provide a fixed return through passive income in the form of a coupon.
Returns: 10 - 15%*
Fixed Term: 12 months
Income Frequency: Quarterly
Region: Europe
Currency: GBP, EUR, USD
Minimum Investment: £50,000
Real Estate
Returns: 12 - 15%*
Fixed Term: 12 - 24 months
Income Frequency: Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual
Region: Europe, North America
Currency: GBP, EUR, USD
Minimum Investment: £50,000
Litigation Funding
Returns: 10 - 15%*
Fixed Term: 12 - 24 months
Income Frequency: Quarterly
Region: USA, Singapore
Currency: GBP, EUR, USD
Minimum Investment: £50,000
Returns: 6 - 8%*
Fixed Term: 12 - 48 months
Income Frequency: Monthly
Region: UK
Currency: GBP
Minimum Investment: £50,000


All investments involve inherent risks and susceptibility to adverse economic or market conditions. The illiquid nature of bonds implies that the invested amount remains locked in for a predetermined period, lasting until maturity.

Tax Considerations

Personal Tax implications can differ based on the nature of the investment, investor’s circumstances and location. It's advisable to consult a tax advisor for personalised tax guidance and we can recommend specialists, depending on your country of residence. Please get in touch with us, for more information.

Wealth Management

Offshore Wealth Management

Our offshore wealth management services are designed to cater to clients who are contemplating a move overseas or considering repatriation to the UK.

Financial Planning

Effective financial planning is paramount for securing a long-term and stable financial future, while also mitigating unforeseen challenges that may arise. Whether you require a targeted approach or a comprehensive overview of your finances, our expertise ensures tailored solutions that align with your goals.

  • Retirement Planning. Strategically managing your income today is crucial for securing your financial future tomorrow. Our comprehensive retirement planning services help you prepare and strategize for your pension, ensuring financial security during your retirement years.
  • Investment Advice. Our expert investment advisors provide personalized guidance and detailed plans to optimize your investment portfolio. Through regular reviews and strategic planning, we assist you in making informed investment decisions tailored to your unique financial objectives.
  • Tax-Efficient Investments. Maximising the benefits of your offshore status is essential for long-term wealth accumulation. Whether you seek regular income investments or lump sum investments from savings or inheritance, leveraging tax-efficient jurisdictions can potentially lead to tax-free returns or lower tax rates compared to domestic investments.
  • Tax and Succession Planning. Transitioning back to your home country or relocating to a new jurisdiction can impact your tax obligations and inheritance considerations. Our suite of products and services includes tax-efficient solutions and succession planning to safeguard your wealth and assets. We work closely with trusted tax advisors to ensure comprehensive tax planning strategies aligned with your financial goals.

Additionally, Fiber Capital can facilitate referrals to our network of reputable tax advisors, ensuring comprehensive tax planning tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Alternative Banking

Multi-currency Account

  • A unique, single IBAN in your chosen name
  • 30+ Currencies
  • Supporting 180 countries
  • Quick, efficient onboarding
  • Full reporting capabilities

Currency Risk Management

  • Personalised strategy to managing high-value transactions
  • Highly competitive exchange rates with zero bank charges
  • Multiple solutions to mitigate FX risk

Security and Trust

  • Partnered with leading global payment providers
  • Funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated partners
  • Our payment providers have transacted in excess of £50bn in 2022

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